Quick update and some questions answered March 04, 2015 02:18

First two days after PioSOLVER release were very busy for us. We've got a lot of feedback from our early users. Reactions were very enthusiastic but some people expressed confusion or experienced software crashes. Quick answers to common issues:

1.The software is crashing for me, especially when I click STOP

Short answer: it's fixed now and updated files can be downloaded on the product page.

Longer answer: there is a bug in multi-threaded library we use which manifest itself when we embed those libraries in the .exe files. We now redistribute those libraries separately (that's why there are more files in the package now). Let us know if the program still crashes for you.

2. It's a bit confusing how inputting the bet sizes work

We realize it is a bit confusing right now. We are gathering suggestions how to make it more intuitive. You can get help on this by clicking small blue question mark next to bet sizes field with some examples. We also made an auto-updating explanation string which gives a bit more information about what current input mean. We also added few more minor features to the GUI to help with inputting ranges.

3. Is there a 32-bit version?

Not yet. There will not be 32-bit version of the flop solver it wouldn't be feasible to solve flops on 32-bit computers (because they can't make use of needed amounts of RAM) but we will look into making a 32-bit version of turn and river solver.

4. When is the flop solver going to be released?

Soon. We need to make sure everything works on every computer out there.

 Thank you for all of you who showed interest in our project. It's still early release and there are issues to fix. We try to answer all the questions/suggestions so don't hesitate to write to support@piosolver.com