PioSOLVER 1.9 release July 31, 2016 22:56

We are pleased to release yet another update - PioSOLVER.19
There are many new features, interface improvements and bug fixes. The main ones are described in the video below:


Another major change is that now basic and pro version users will be able to read preflop saves (although there will be no preflop solver available for them still). This means you can now buy solutions from our friend at PioCloud or maybe get them from your friends if they run the edge version.

Some other notable fixes and improvements:

  • Browsing with "frequency across layout" option turned on is now significantly faster
  • Error reporting when registering the solver is not more verbose
  • Rake is recreated correctly now when recalculating turns and rivers while browsing small/micro saves
  • It's now possible to copy a config in specific place in the tree to rebuild and edit this part later (for example to add more bet sizes for specific turn)

The updating procedure is the same as with previous versions: just run the updater and click "check for updates". The edge version is already shipped. The pro and basic one will be available in 2-3 days.

We hope you enjoy PioSOLVER even more with those changes. Please post your feedback and questions in our twoplustwo thread.