1. What is the difference between basic/pro/edge versions?

See here. It may change in the future. Some features will be added to all version, some only to the pro version and some experimental/requiring bigger hardware ones only to edge. That link represents current state of affairs.

2.Can I buy one version and upgrade later?

Yes, the prices are going to be: 249$ to upgrade from basic to pro and 650$ to upgrade from pro to edge. The price of an upgrade is a little higher than the difference in prices between versions to account for additional licensing/payment processor fees. Those upgrades will be available in our store but if you want them NOW contact us

3.I need XYZ before I buy, can you make it?

Maybe. It depends how popular XYZ is among other users, how useful we think it is and how much time it takes to implement. Your best course of action is to provide your feedback then wait and keep checking what's available every 2 weeks or so.

4.What do you mean by "activations"?

Number of activations means on how many computers you personally own and use the software can be installed.

5. Can I move it to different/newer computer?

In general yes although that has to be reasonable (like not every week or so). To do that open the solver and after seeing a console with a welcome string, copyright notice and a date of the compilation type "deactivate" (without quotes) in there and hit enter. Then close it and open it again to see if it worked (it should ask for the registration key again). After that you can just activate it on another computer.

6. Is there any manual/video tutorial/step-by-step guide?

For now there is a short introductory video which goes over basic functionality of the solver. There is also a Quick Start Guide and Resources. Full 50 pages manual is not going to happen - the program changes too fast and maintaining a tutorial is a huge burden. In the near feature we plan to release more videos going over various features.

7. How to make a bug report?

Please follow the steps:

  1. Unless something crashes assume it's not a bug and try to think why the results might be correct. The experience shows that majority of bug reports are user errors. Our resources are very limited so be considerate when it comes to developers' time.
  2. Make sure you are running the newest version of the solver and the viewer
  3. If after following steps 1 and 2 you still think there is a bug please send us an email (support@piosolver.com). The most useful piece information you can include is the way to replicate the problem (so actions leading to the unexpected/buggy behavior). If that's difficult please include as many details as possible: the tree config you work on ("copy to clipboard" button), a description of actions you took before you encountered the problem as well as a description of how the actual result differs from the expected one.
  4. If you want to be even more helpful go to Tools->Configuration, check "enable logging" and then re-create the problem. There will be log.txt file which you can send to us. That's the best way because we can look into all the details and get to the problem quickly.

8. Can I re-sell my license?

No. The reason is that besides the software you get support with the software. Providing support is based on the idea of average usage time (some people need none, some need more). That means that we can't provide support to any number of people who buy a license from you as then the price would be way higher.